Ashley Sage Ellison

Where would you start with Ashley? From the top of her head, to the tips of her toes, she is every inch a V-Girl and was destined for celebrity. The people at SCORE have been talking about her since her first teams of pictures arrived, and they’re still talking. The DVD focused on her, Ashley’s First Time, is a showcase for her fantastic boobs and beauty. Like another British arrival, Mandy Pearl, Ashley is really a beauty therapist by profession. Her hobbies are shopping and watching movies. When Ashley decided to model for Voluptuous, our studio people flew to Manchester, England. Ashley enjoys modeling and showing her amazing ta-ta’s but she’s extremely shy in talking about sex. Whenever we asked how she likes to masturbate and cum, she answered, “I can’t tell you just how. I’m a good girl.” And when she was asked if she has ever been with a girl, she said, having a laugh, “No, but I have considered it. Men can be quite annoying sometimes!” What she will discuss is her incredible body. She might have the biggest boobs in Scoreland with the possible exceptions of Nadine Jansen and Mianna Thomas. “I like to wear corsets when I go out, really short puffed-out skirts, kind of like a tutu, and some really big heels,” says Ashley. She enjoys her huge breasts. ‘I’m grateful for the attention. Previously strike me as weird when people would ask to take pictures when I was out and about. Now I actually think it’s sort of neat. I recieve noticed a lot when I go out, and I know my boobs possess a lot to do with that.” And we’re grateful Ashley appreciates her assets. An Ashley video appears in Voluptuous Theater so don’t miss it.

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