Bunny De La Cruz

Sometimes, we get girls at XL Girls who are so fucking sexy that the staff can barely get through setting up for their photo set or video. Such is the case with Bunny De La Cruz. Bunny has a great attitude about her body. “I don’t believe it’s fair for me to need to hide my body just because some other people might not like it,” Bunny said. “If they do not like it, they don’t have to look.” When the visiting nurse service from Hooter Hospital arrives, you can be confident that you will feel the healing touch of a busty angel. Nurse Bunny De La Cruz will kiss it, suck it, lick it, fuck it and make it all better. Not only will you walk again, you will bounce around the bedroom on your boner like it’s a pogo stick. Nurse Bunny is especially adept with testicle issues. But not every patient she sees is really ill. This man simply saw Bunny eventually treating a patient and arranged a self-inflicted accident, so mesmerized was he with Bunny’s gorgeous face and delicious body. His subsequent brain injuries didn’t prevent him from screwing Bunny after she arrived on time for his therapy. Every second was worth the years in front of hopelessly unpayable medical bills. At least Bunny and her fabulous tits could coax out a load before he was reduced to the mental chronilogical age of a two-year old.

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