Paola Rios

Over a year later, with one special, several magazines and two DVDs under her garter belt, Paola Rios is no longer the shy, nervous co-ed, gingerly taking her clothes off for our photographers. “Some poses are difficult for they take courage, because I’m a bit shy, but overall, I have fun posing. I have enjoyed the experience,” says Paola. “I’m impressed by the size of some models I’ve seen in SCORE and Voluptuous. With Romina Lopez, we’ve become good friends, and it has been interesting to see her pose, because she has more experience. She makes it look so easy, especially the more daring poses that are difficult, for me.” But Paola is still reserved and doesn’t like to talk intimately about sex. She doesn’t understand why guys like titty-fucking busty girls. She doesn’t watch adult videos and she says she doesn’t own any vibrators. She’s not into wild, kinky scenes and she won’t admit how many times a week she has sex or if she has regular sex. And she won’t say if she dates or if she’s going steady with one dude (who clearly doesn’t deserve her, no matter who he is). She did say that most of her male friends are gay. “One guy I had an affair with once wanted me to put dulce de leche, a sweet syrup, all over my tits. He was jerking off while I was rubbing it on my tits. So I dumped him after that!” said Paola. In any event, many agree on one thing. Paola is a great find. “My life is very simple,” explains Paola. “I go to classes in the morning, I come home and watch my soaps, and then I have dinner and study in the evening. I’ll read in bed until I fall asleep. On weekends, I finish my assignments, then I take a walk to get fresh air or I workout. Sometimes I will go with girlfriends to a nightclub. I usually wear something low-scooped so the doormen will let us in.” Too bad Paola doesn’t live in Miami!

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