Bunny De La Cruz

When he saw Bunny de la Cruz in the parking lot, his cock went up like a drawbridge, only a lot faster. Those tits drove him insane. He wanted to see that gorgeous face with his cock in her beautiful mouth. Calling her over to his vehicle, he asked her to lunch at his place. She accepted after a little hesitation. After all, Bunny couldn’t know this guy but she does know “eager to fuck” when she sees it in a man’s eyes. You can’t fool a chick about such things as this. Aloof and withdrawn like this guy from Twilight doesn’t work with a hot-blooded girl like Bunny. They headed back to his crib where no lunch was waiting, just two meat balls and a sausage. Lying can pay off. He and Bunny reconoitered to the couch where he proceeed to fuck the shit out of her and her huge real tits. In the end, we have seen what he meant by his “special sauce.”

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