Renee Ross

How can a mere bustier keep Renee’s prodigious projections in line? Logic would dictate that it would burst like a poorly constructed dam holding back a raging river. Impressive! Renee is a girl who takes immense pride in her body and boobs. “I work nights, so it is a lot easier to get away with wearing something tight fitting,” she told V-Mag editor and Blogger Maria. “But when I do wear those kinds of shirts, my coworkers, whom I am very good friends with, freak out when they see how big my boobs are. I mean, they don’t really realize how tiny my waist is until they see me in something fitted. I don’t really wear stuff like that often but when I do, people notice!” Trust us, Renee. People would notice you wearing a potato sack. But thank God, you love sexy outfits!

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