Terri Jane

Terri Jane is completely the girl-next-door. Very much like Ashley Sage Ellison, Kerry Marie and Chaz in so many ways. A girl-next-door with gigantic tits everybody loves and worships. Say your prayers and provide thanks that she decided to show them. Most girls don’t. “I reside in England. I live and eat Birmingham in a small town that is about 20 minutes from Birmingham. I accept my family and my dog.” Do men get fresh with Terri a lot? “I?get guys who come up to me all the time and say such things as, ‘Take your boobs out.’ They aren’t scared. I have had girls come up to me in the bathroom, asking me when they are real or if they are fake. Girls reach me all the time, feeling my boobs. I can not stop them! They simply walk up to me and grab them!” So girls too? What does a bloke do when he sees Terri’s marvels? “First they ask me to get them out after which they want me to bounce them down and up. Then they like me to get on top of them and drop my breasts on their face and jiggle them around a bit. Men like jiggling and bouncing boobs.” Like isn’t the word! And we love Terri Jane. A woman for all seasons and all reasons.

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