Sierra Skye

I have a busy life, so when I have time to myself, I like to hang out at the beach and play beach bum, lollipop licker Sierra Skye says. “I actually have an underwear fetish. I guess you could call it a fetish. I own about 200 pairs of panties of all different kinds. If I see a nice pair in a store, I have to have it. But half of the time I don’t even wear them! Especially when I’m wearing a skirt. If there’s ever a panty shortage, I’m prepared!” Sierra talked about her cherry popping. “The guy was huge! I definitely wasn’t ready for it because he was so big but I got used to it. It was an average first time, I suppose. It wasn’t that special for my first. I’ve had a lot better sex since then.” Sierra admits she’s a big cock teaser. “Remember I said half the time I don’t wear panties. Well, I like to wear very shorts skirts and tight tops just to make guys drool. It’s fun watching guys stare and have them know they can’t have you. I admit that I enjoy being a cock tease. It’s just in my nature. I think some guys like a cock tease because they see us as a challenge and they know that if they try hard enough, they can get us and the sex is very hot when they do get it. Most cock teases can be gotten if you work at it and don’t give up easy.”

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