Dors Feline

Dors Feline quickly became one of Britain’s top big-bust models and her popularity quickly extended to North America. “I have been a fan of Dors for some time and it is fantastic to determine her given the Score treatment,” comments Aaron. “She is really super-sexy and that accent is to die for. Well done with another fantastic newcomer.” Dors, obviously, has problems buying bras. “I usually shop on-line and buy the sizes that are available,” says Dors, the master of about 20 bras and developed young, a C-cupper at 14. “There are no stores that sell bras my size so it’s very hard. I have to buy smaller bras and sort of squeeze into them to get them to fit. And, then, my breasts are sort of overflowing and spilling out of my bras. It’s difficult but I just end up pushing myself into a smaller size which makes my boobs look even bigger sometimes. There are certain firms that do larger sizes. Sometimes Time passes to one store in England which has big bras. But even then, they are not my size. I’ll just squeeze into them and make them fit.” Squeezing into them? That’s half the enjoyment for tit-men!

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