Jenna Valentine

Jenna Valentine was the “spooky Goth girl” in high school. “The jocks would actually throw candy at me making fun of me. And now they find me on MySpace and FaceBook plus they tell me I am hot and they want to fuck me. I mean, I think that they made fun of me to look cool, but like, who the fuck throws candy? I think that’s a total waste. I would have just eaten that Snickers bar. However they hit on me plus they all want to fuck me and it is super weird. They used to be super mean in my experience.” That’s true. Now she’s grown up beautifully to become the super-hot, non-spooky Goth chick every dude wants to lay pipe with. (The underlying lesson here is be nice to all chicks because ya don’t know. There’s a lot to be said for spooky Goth chicks.) Jenna wants to win Model of the Year next year. She’s got the drive to make it happen. Jenna has blogged on the SCORELAND Blog and drops by often. This living doll did your blog piece on the On Location Grand Bahama special (it includes pictures!). This retro pictorial within the style of late ’50’s-early ’60’s men’s mag nudie-glam will give you long hours of Jenna satisfaction.

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