Anorei Collins

XL Men, please meet for the very first time at, a girl whose name has caused a buzz and is sure to be a crowd pleaser here and in XLGirls magazine. She’s a boobquake maker! Anorei Collins (pronounced Ah-Nor-Ray). Anorei measures a mind-shaking 38P. Amazing. “By the time I got into high school, I was already a D-cup,” says pretty redhead Anorei. “And it simply went from there. By the time I went to college, I was already a K-cup. My mom has J-cups. As soon as I got boobs, it was baggy T-shirts and Gingko jeans.” Anorei is really a sports fan (Washington Redskins and Boston Bruins) and a gamer (role playing, first-person shooting and real-time strategy games). She loves girls and dominant, controlling men. “I only wear a bra when I have to. Holding 60 pounds of boob is simply too much for anything for long periods of time. My back is stronger than any fabric!” Look out when Anorei squirts the mam-milk! Yes, she’s a milker and sprays the set in both pictures and video. Gentlemen, your thoughts about Anorei.

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